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🎯About Us

🎖️ Here at Crysta, we believe that each individual has within them the potential to achieve excellence - whether that be in their career, relationships, or life itself.

🔓 We believe that this potential can be unlocked through personalization and transparency - understanding the self, to conquer the future.

<aside> 📌 Crysta offers an all-in-one hub for productivity - giving you full transparency on:

 1️⃣ **When** you best work, 
 2️⃣ **How** you best work, and most importantly, 
 3️⃣ How to **improve** your work. 

All in an effort, to help you reach excellence in your own life.


Let’s get things done. 🔥


<aside> 🤯 We know you’ve been waiting for this - V.0.2 IS NOW AVAILABLE FOR USE!

After conducting user interviews, we noticed one main problem - while Crysta provided you with productivity insights**, it didn’t actually help you become more productive.**

So, we shifted our focus to becoming a one-stop shop for everything productivity - one service to help you analyze and skyrocket your work.

🔑And that’s why, for v.0.2, we added:

Altogether - these features take the Crysta experience to the next level, putting you one step closer to achieving excellence...if you choose to use them.

29/12/2021 </aside>

<aside> 🗒️ v.0.1 IS OUT NOW!

This update comes with HUGE quality of life changes → allowing you to grasp your productivity at a glance:

Check it out, and drop some feedback in the discord server!



<aside> 🎃 Happy Halloween! The fifth edition of the Crysta Report is here!

This week has been one of self-reflection. After the release of the MVP, it seems as if Crysta simply doesn't increase productivity - with almost no returning users present.

So, in the spirit of improvement, we're working on iterating to truly make Crysta a good product- one that can truly help solve the productivity problem.

Look forward to some key changes over the next couple of weeks, and I'm looking forward to hearing your feedback!

Read more about it under the Links and Resources Section :D



<aside> 🗒️ We know you've been waiting for this one - our MVP (v.0.0) has released!

This has been an insanely rewarding experience for us, and we can't wait for your feedback to make Crysta a better product.

Check it out and let us know what you think!



🔗Links and Resources

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📩Download Latest Release - v.0.2



🌐Webapp → all-in-one place to skyrocket your productivity


v.0.2 Energy tracker (Windows) → tracking your energy levels for the webapp!

Crysta Energy Tracker - v.0.2.exe